Taylor True

First Impressions

Taylor True possesses a unique, friendly sort of beauty that makes it obvious why she was given a solo site. She´s a hotter version of the typical girl next door. She seems like the kind of babe what would happily let you buy her a drink and chat you up and yet she´s insanely beautiful so you´d probably never have the courage to do it. She´s ideal for ogling on a porn site, obviously. Plus, she has a fucking hot as hell body. The tour isn´t exactly loaded with sample content but it´s obvious she´s stunning in the nude and I can´t wait to get a sample of her goodies.

Hot Promises

Lovely college girl Taylor True promises that all her content is exclusive and that her site is the only place you´ll find her behaving badly. Inside you´ll find high resolution pictures and high definition videos for download. Plus, there are free weekly webcam shows (you can see a cam schedule on the main site; it doesn´t include Taylor but there are lots of ladies baring it all). There´s an update schedule posted on the main page but the latest content she teases isn´t dated, which doesn´t bode well for fresh content updates. The videos are promised at 1080p and they show the nerdy hot girl toying and more.


It´s not a good sign when the first thing you see in the member´s area is a note from Taylor dated December 2012. That´s more than a year ago now and if you look just to the right of the note you´ll see that the site hasn´t been updated in roughly a year. It looks like Taylor didn´t stick around for long, which is a shame considering how insanely beautiful she is. The section at the bottom of the main page where the upcoming photos and videos are listed is completely empty so it´s 100 percent certain that this site is no longer going to be updated.

Is there enough content to warrant a membership despite the lack of updates? Let´s dig into that. There are 31 picture galleries but three have been split into two parts, so you really get 28 picture galleries. Most have 50-100 shots and they´re largely high resolution, crystal clear sets. Sadly, there are no zip files for the pics (there is a slideshow feature if you´re into that). Some of the sets are self-shot and really belong in the candid section but it seems as though they were thrown in here to pad the count a little bit. Taylor looks cute and hot in all the sets, of course. There are three galleries in the candid section and they´re largely a mix of Taylor around the house, along with pictures of her cat.

There are 26 videos for streaming or download, although many have been split into two parts to pad the numbers so there´s more like 16 video shoots. You can stream the movies in a high resolution player or download them in WMV, WMV HD, Flash, and M4V, which is suitable for your iPod or iPad. The videos look lovely and have a little bit of an amateur feel that I really like. It´s much more like you´re just hanging out with Taylor as she does dirty things. Highly produced video porn wouldn´t be quite right with a site like this. There are four candid videos on a separate page and they´re only available in Flash. Like the pictures it´s mostly her hanging around the house.

Obviously Taylor no longer does live webcam shows but there´s an archive where you can see the teenage girl chat and masturbate. There are 31 archived webcam shows total and they´re typically an hour long. They´re also more entertaining than you´d think. Taylor True happily chats with her members, laughs, answers questions here and there, and masturbates. In most videos she´ll bring out a toy and actually cum on camera. Typically she talks dirty about how good it feels or about how she wants to get fucked, which is great. It´s always a thrill when a cute girl next door type turns out to really love and want sex.

For my money the greatest value to be found at Taylor True´s website is in the webcam shows you get access to. There are typically 2-3 shows a day and they each star a solo babe just like Taylor. The great thing is that the girls are all smoking hot. It´s incredible! It´s one totally beautiful babe after another masturbating on camera. The webcam shows are better than the recorded videos, to be honest. The girls are talented performers and they know exactly what you want and need to get off. Plus, you can actually chat with them and they´ll talk to you.

In her picture galleries and videos Taylor True does a great job of giving you her cute side and her sexy side. My favorite sexy set shows her in a black corset, black stockings, and white panties. She drinks a glass of wine and strips before bringing out a silver dildo and fucking her pretty pussy with it. I love it because she´s so astoundingly beautiful and because the lingerie is flawless. She´s not actively oozing sex, she´s just so hot it´s hard not to get hard.

There are plenty of sets where she´s the cute/nerdy girl. There´s a great gallery where she´s in a blue sweater, glasses, and no bottoms. She looks super hot as she acts like she´s supposed to be doing homework but instead has to show off her tits and pussy. In the pro videos we see both sides of her and it almost always ends with her taking a dildo in her pussy or fingering. As I said earlier, there´s something remarkably arousing about seeing this sweet looking girl have such sexual fun. When she gives over to the sexual pleasure and turns into a moaning hottie on the road to orgasm it´s incredible.

Croco´s Opinion

The only knock against Taylor True is the small size of the site. It´s not tiny when you consider the archived webcam shows but for $30/month you´d typically want more. That being said, I don´t think it´s a reason to skip over a membership if you´ve seen the tour and you find Taylor attractive. It´s certainly worth getting in here to download the webcam shows. Plus, with all the free cam shows you get access to it might be worth a long term membership even if the site is no longer updated. There´s a ton of value in 2-3 free shows a day. They´re totally exclusive and you will never be asked to pay for them. That would keep me around for a while.


The site is small and simple so the navigation is flawless. They could use a little more information about the videos but that´s not a big deal.

Pricing Policy

Membership is $25.95 for the first 30 days and $24.95 every 30 days after that. You can also pay $60.89 for 90 days and $99.99 for 180 days.

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